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Construction machinery industry rebound or dip in 2016

The China securities network - (reporter Li Yan for) the reporter learns from China construction machinery industry association today, fall 2015 construction machinery industry has been set, or have bounced back in 2016, can expect a small positive growth.
Figures show that in November 2015, the construction machinery industry export value of 2.035 billion yuan, down 27.54% year-on-year. 1 to November, industry export value of 25.686 billion yuan, total fell 19.06%. 1 to November, construction machinery industry products production accumulated year-on-year growth is negative.
Association, he says, "for many years, the machinery industry growth rate is higher than the industry average, production and sales growth growth is also higher than the same period in 2014, but has become of the two above 2015 below, highlighted the machinery industry in 2015 of the gravity of the situation."
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