Maximum Charge Power2400W

Maximum Charge Current25A

  • Balanced charge

  • Easy Use

  • Maximum Current 25A

  • Short Circuit Protection

  • Security

  • AC Input

  • Storage Mode

  • Overheating protection

Intuitive Operation Interface and Power Display

3 seconds to learn to operate, simple and intuitive operation interface, starting from the simple and practical operation required by customers, simplifying the operation procedure, customers only need to select fast charge / slow charge, and press the start button to charge!

High-quality filter to effectively filter dust and sediment in the air

We designed the filter on the convection side of the fan, and changed the filter to a free-standing design, which is easy to disassemble and clean, and can effectively filter dust, sediment and other harmful substances that charge the charger.

High precision finned aluminum alloy radiator

The large-area heat sink fins greatly improve heat dissipation efficiency and ensure stable and long-term charging operation.

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