Revolutionized Structure.

Reliable Operation.

The all-new modular design of the Y16 simplifies assembly and accelerates daily maintenance. An IP67 rating provides reliable protection for key components of the drone. A light, yet durable airframe is made of carbon fiber composites and can be quickly folded to 45% of its original size, making it easy for transportation. Both the battery and spray tank are easily swappable, significantly improving the efficiency of power and liquid supply.

Higher Payload.

Enhanced Efficiency.

Supported by its outstanding flight performance, the Y16 spray tank can carry up to 16 L, and the spray width has increased to 6 m. The spraying system has 1 delivery pumps and 6 high-pressure sprinklers with a maximum spray rate of 3L/min. The Y16 can spray 27.4 acres (11 hectares) [1] per hour. The spraying system also has an all-new flow meter, providing higher precision and stability than conventional flow meters.

Powerful System. Increased Safety.

The all-new modular aerial-electronics system in the Y16 has IMUs and barometers and adopts a propulsion signal redundancy design to ensure flight safety. The GPS+RTK dual-redundancy system supports centimeter-level positioning. It also supports dual-antenna technology that provides strong resistance against magnetic interference.

GPS+RTK Dual-Redundancy System

Remote Control.

Safety with Vision.

Y16 supports HD remote transmission technology which extends its control range to up to 2 km. It also has a wide-angle FPV camera and spotlights that can monitor aircraft operation during the day and at night to ensure flight safety.

Fully functional and handy

Y16 is equipped with anti-ground radar and high-precision RTK. The ground data is transmitted to the mobile APP in real-time. Based on the preset flight height, it automatically senses the crop distance. It supports flat and mountain planning operations and fruit tree operation modes to meet most operation needs. All manual, AB point, and route planning modes are available, and ordinary terrain operations are easily completed.

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2400W 2-Channel Intelligent Battery Charger

The PC2400 can balance the two 12S batteries of the drone at the same time. The working modes include fast charging, slow charging, battery storage, and charger housekeeping, so you can charge more worry-free. The LED battery level display interface is simple to operate and has One-button charging operation function to give users a better experience.

Y16 Intelligent Flight Battery

The Y16 Intelligent Flight Battery has a capacity of 22,000 mAh. It uses a high-strength rubber case design, which increases the safety of the battery. With the support of battery balancing technology, the power is stronger and the operating efficiency is improved.

Technical parameter model
Aircraft parameters
Total weight (excluding battery) 16kg
Standard take-off weight 36.8kg
Maximum effective take-off weight 45kg(Near sea level)
Hovering accuracy (good GPS signal) EnableRTK:
Horizontal ± 12 cm, vertical ± 12 cm
RTK is not enabled:
Horizontal ± 0.7 m, vertical ± 0.4 m (radar function enabled: ± 0.2 m)
Hover time 33min(No load)
11min(full load)
Maximum operating flight speed 7 m/s
Maximum flight speed 10m/s
Maximum wind speed 8m/s
Maximum flight altitude 1500m
Recommended working temperature -5℃-50℃
Rack parameters
Wheelbase 1630mm
Dimensions 1712*1712*600mm(The arms are extended and the blades are folded)
1000*1000*600mm(Arm folding)
Power System-Motor
Stator size 81*20mm
weight 1053g
KV value 100rpm/V
Maximum pull 15.3kg/shaft
Power System-Propeller
Diameter x pitch 30*0.9 inch
weight 180g
Power System-ESC
Maximum working current (continuous) 80A
Maximum working voltage 52.2V
FPV camera
Perspective(FOV) Horizontal:120°
Resolution 1280×960 25fps
FPV searchlight
Maximum light intensity 12 lux@5m Direct shot
Spray system
Job box capacity 16L
Nozzle number 6
Atomizing particle size 170 - 265 μm
Effective spray width (1.5-3 m from the work) 4-6m
High precision radar module
Working power consumption 1.5W @25°C
Fixed height and ground following Height measurement range:1 - 30 m
Fixed height range:1.5 - 15 m
Mountain mode maximum slope:35°
Intelligent flight battery
weight 5kg
capacity 17500mAh
Voltage 44.4V
Protection level IP67
remote control
Number of channels 12
Operating Voltage 4.2V
Working current 130mA
battery capacity 4000mAh
Battery life 25h
Signal output SBUS PWM 12C
Limited signal distance (no interference, no blocking) 1.5km

16L DRONEDownload

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